Dave Feiden

New York State Assembly

"A Voice For Our Community"

Why We Support Dave


Meet Dave Feiden

Dave Feiden is the endorsed Republican & Conservative candidate for the Assembly in the 110th District. Dave was born and raised in the Capital District and is a business owner and chamber member. "I believe that small business is the backbone of our community. My Grandfather started his business, Earl B Feiden Appliance in 1926 with my father and uncle. Still going strong, Earl B Feiden employs 70 people. Why is it so difficult for other businesses to stay and prosper in NY? It’s the taxes, fees and regulations imposed on them. I want to change that and make it easier to survive and flourish. I also want to repair our infrastructure and make intelligent investments that make sense as we grow our neighborhoods. I am running to help change the direction of our state and put it back on track to restore the empire state as it should be. I believe it is important to give back to your neighbors and the community. It’s important to celebrate the great services we have in our region. I help with The Center for Disability and Northeast Kidney Foundation and others. I want to bring attention to our incredible natural beautiful state and to invest in responsible tourism growth to showcase what we have surrounding us. I ask for your support and your vote to help me help us to keep NYS the great Empire State."